Chinese TEI - 中文 TEI

Here are the slideshows and materials for the TEI workshops at Dharma Drum Buddhist College 法鼓佛教研修學院, Academia Sinica 中央研究院 and elsewhere. They are written in a highly idiosyncratic mixture of Chinese and English. The presentations are in open document format (.odp). They can be used e.g. with Open Office or KOffice. Find Open Office here.

這個網頁提供各種和TEI相關的資料 ,其中包含在法鼓佛教學院、中央研究院、以及其他地方舉辦的 TEI工作坊當中所使用的簡報投影片和練習範例;這些資料內容是以極具特色的中文、英文混合方式呈現。簡報檔案的格式是Open Document Format (.odp),可以用OpenOffice 或KOffice等應用程式來開啟。下載 OpenOffice:英文版 / 中文版

Marcus Bingenheimer 馬德偉, Huang Weining 黃韋寧

since Winter 2005/2006

The Chinese localization of TEI has been published as:
Ma Dewei 馬德偉 (aka M.Bingenheimer) (總編輯 Ed.). 2009. TEI shiyong zhinan - yunyong TEI chuli zhongwen wenxian TEI使用指南──運用TEI處理中文文獻 [Chinese TEI – A guide to using TEI with Chinese texts]. Taipei: Taiwan E-learning and Digital Archive Program 數位典藏與數位學習國家型科技計畫. ISBN:978-986-01-8092-3.
Download the book as PDF [7.5 MB]. Here is my chapter in English.
The localization contains Chinese translations of all element, attribute and attribute value definitions, a translation of the second chapter of the Guidelines on the TEI Header, and an introduction to the use of TEI geared to the markup of Chinese text.

ITLR - Workshop, M. Bingenheimer, Hamburg 2010
Slides and Excercises :

Workshop, C. Wittern & M. Bingenheimer, Oslo 2009

Workshops, M. Bingenheimer, Academia Sinica 2006/2007
Slides 簡報 :

Workshop S. Rahtz March 2009
Materials 相關資料:

Workshop S. Rahtz March 2008
Materials 相關資料:


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