Using Chinese Buddhist Temple Gazetteers

Welcome to the Buddhist Temple Gazetteer Workshop at Stanford April, 25th 2018. This 3h workshop aims to introduce participants to the use of Buddhist Temple Gazetteers (佛寺志/山志) for their own research. We will discuss the history of this type of gazetteer, reference tools and bibliographic aides, print and digital editions and online interfaces, and look in detail at one gazetteer series.

To the right are the slideshows (in .odp format) and other course material for the workshop. Useful software:

This article outlines the bibliographic information we have on Buddhist temple gazetteers: "Bibliographical Notes on Buddhist Temple Gazetteers." Here is a slightly older 中文版.

During the workshop we will be making use of the digital gazetteers collected here: Digital Archive of Temple Gazetteers .

Marcus Bingenheimer, April 2018.



Exercise material: