A Chinese Translation of Buddhadatta's 'Concise Pali-English Dictionary'

A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera (Author)
Bhikkhu Dama et. al. (Translators)
Marcus Bingenheimer, Shi Zhanghui, Guan Zefu, Yue Jiandong, Zhuang Guobin, Zong Yumei, Cai Bolang (Digital Edition)

Available since: 2005

Correctly cited as:
Bhikkhu Dama et. al. (Transl.): A Chinese Translation of Buddhadatta's 'Concise Pali-English Dictionary'. Digital Version (Version 1.0).

A Malaysian Bhikkhu who calls himself Dama 大馬 (probably a pen-name) has, with the help of his students and followers, produced a Chinese translation of A.P. Buddhadatta's "Concise Pali-English dictionary". We believe this is a great help for the growing number of Chinese-speaking students of Pali and want to make it available to a larger number of users.

We found the data as MS Word file on the web. A small part (12 pages in the printed version) had been reworked, differed from the English original and, perhaps because of this, was not translated. Ven. Zhanghui 釋章慧 and M.B. restored the data to the form as found in the printed version. Guan Zefu 關則富, Yue Jiandong 越建東, Zhuang Guobin 莊國彬, Zong Yumei 宗玉媺, and Cai Bolang 蔡伯郎 translated the missing part for this digital edition. Markup, styles etc. by M.B.

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