Buddhist studies monographs published in German, Austrian and Swiss series

This is a list of monographs in the field of Buddhist studies, published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland after 1945. It is arranged in series, monographs that were not published within a series are not included. Obviously not all of the material is in German, there is a large number of English titles.

The aim of this list was originally to facilitate the purchase of German Buddhist studies material for the Library of the Chung-hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies, Taipei. The data was retrieved mostly from online library catalogues. It is not intended as academic bibliography, but has grown large enough to be of use for other institutions as well. As of today the list comprises c.350 works.

Follow this link to the list of buddhist studies monographs published in German, Austrian and Swiss scholarly series.

I do welcome and will include additions and corrections.

M. Bingenheimer (Dec.2004)

Eli Franco: “Buddhist Studies in Germany and Austria 1971-1996” (Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies no.22-2 (1999)). (version (without footnotes) in: Swearer & Promta (Eds.): The State of Buddhist Studies in the World 1972-1997. Bangkok (2000))

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