Translation Glossary for theT.26 translation project

Authors: Roderick Bucknell, Marcus Bingenheimer, venerable Anālayo
(since Summer 2006)

In a large project like ours consistency is a major concern. Ideally, a Chinese term should be rendered with one and only one English term. We therefore ask all translators to conform to the translations given here wherever possible. Changes of word class, number, tense, mood etc. are generally unproblematic, but if you feel you must use an entirely different word please explain your choice in a short note.
Date: Feb.2010

比丘 (monk)
阿難 Ānanda
諸賢 venerable friends, friends
世尊 World-honored One
尊者 Venerable
梵志 [brahmin]
成就 achievement,[achieve],[attain], [be] accomplished,accomplished, skillfully, develop, equipped with
沙門 [renunciant]
云何 what, why, how
梵行 holy life, celibate life, celibate, celibacy
如眞 as it is
復次 furthermore, again,moreover
歡喜 [be] happy, joy, joyous, delight, rejoice
作是念 [think], [reflect]
如來 Tathāgata
無量 immeasurable, countless,limitless, innumerable
所以者何 why, what is the reason
爾時 at that time, then
長者 householder
不善 unwholesome
賢者 venerable friend, friend
苦行 asceticism
善法 wholesome state, true Dharma, wholesome practices
命終 end of life, death, die
正念 right mindfulness
施設 [declare], [point] out, describe, concept, assumption,conventional, prepare
安隱 security, peace, comfort and well-being, well-being, assurance, safe, safety
解脫 liberation
說法 [teach] Dharma
居士 householder, lay follower, merchant **(vaiśya)**
迦葉 Kassapa
修習 [practice]
弟子 disciple
遠離 distant, [avoid], abstention, abstain, detached, detachment, abandoning
汝等 you
學道 practice the path, train in the path
聖弟子 noble (disciple)
當知 you should know, know
往詣 [go] to, approach
猶如 like, as if, just as, suppose
衆生 all beings
第一 first, highest, foremost
精勤 energetic, diligent
無事 undisturbed, seclusion, forest-dwelling, secluded place
奉行 practice accordingly
一時 at one time, once, suddenly
正智 right attentiveness
天王 king of gods, your majesty
非無 not without
乃至 as much as, and so on up to,even, until, as far as
不生 not [be] born, [do] not arise
比丘尼 nun
等正覺 supreme awakening, fully awakened
阿含 canoncial texts
正法 true Dharma, true teaching
妄言 false speech, speak falsehood
無所著 nothing [attach] to, without attachment, free from attachment
第二 second
多聞 learned
懈不精進 lazy and indolent
精進 effort, energetic, diligent, energy
梵天 Brahma world
身壞 the body breaks up, the breaking-up of the body
具足 sufficient, equipped with, endowed with, full ordination, complete, sumptous
地獄 hell
聞已 having heard, hearing
佛說 the Buddha [say]
光明 brightness, radiance,light
中阿含經 Madhyamāgama
瞿曇 Gotama
飮食 food and drink
如法 according to the Dharma, in accordance with the Dharma, righteous, by the Dharma
饒益 [benefit], abundance, riches
供養 [make] offerings, [make] food offerings to, provide food for, pay homage
稽首 [make] obeisance, prostrate oneself, [pay] homage, [pay] respects
勸發 exhort
正見 right view
大人 great man
未曾有法 extraordinary qualities, marvels
世間 the world, worldly
長壽 long life, longevity
大海 great ocean, ocean
受持 memorize, remember, hold **(a view)**
作證 realize
修行 practice
渴仰 encouraging,encourage
沙門瞿曇 renunciant Gotama
諸根 senses,sense faculties, faculties
滅道 path to end, path to cessation
種種 various
遍滿 [fill], pervade
二十 twenty
女人 (woman)
歡悅 joy,[rejoice], [be] pleased,delight
四種 four kinds
方便 skillful means, means
不捨方便 without giving up his task **(anikkhitta-dhura)**
後時 later, afterwards
瞋恚 hatred
寧可 would rather, would better, let us
財物 treasures, wealth, property
尼乾 Nigaṇṭha Nātaputta
大天 great deva, Mahādeva **(persName)**
善哉 very good, it would be good
往至 [go] to,approach, reach
無諍 without quarrel, undisputed
無常 impermanent, impermanence
已盡 ended
淸淨 pure, purity
叉手 place palms together
後世 next life, future existence, future lives
伽彌尼 Gāmaṇi, headman
琉璃 beryl
一日 one day
刹利 Khattiya
善處 happy state of existence, happy realm of existence
心生 the mind produces...
鳩摩羅 Kumāra-Kassapa
師子 Sīha, lion
智慧 wisdom, wise
童子 boy, son, prince, young
睡眠 sloth and torpor
快樂 happiness
第三 third
愚癡 ignorant, fool, foolish, confusion, bewilderment
周那 Cunda
頂生王 King Māndhātu, anointed king
父母 father and mother,parents
不與取 [steal], [take] what is not given
長老 elder, senior
勝林 Jeta grove
人民 people, inhabitants
如實 true, according to reality, really
異學 other schools, non-Buddhist, practitioner of another school **(as address)**
出家 [leave] the household life, [go] forth
羅云 Rāhula
卽便 forthwith, as soon as
水精 crystal
分別 discriminate,distinguish, analyze, expound, distinction, analysis, exposition
分別曉了 discriminative understanding **(nibbedha)**
無怨 without ill-will
善修 [practice] well, well-cultivated
止息 [cease],[calm]
優婆私 female lay follower, laywomen
優婆夷 female lay follower, laywomen
優婆塞 male lay follower, lay follower, laymen
無穢 without blemish, devoid of defilements
敬重 [respect]
涅槃 Nirvana
貢高 conceit
八萬四千 eighty-four thousand
惡法 evil state, wrong teaching, unwholesome state, evil things
布施 giving, gift, generosity, make offerings, almsgiving, charity
如意足 bases of supernormal power,supernormal power
得究竟 [attain] the goal
欺誑 deceive,defraud, deceit
三惡行 three types of wrong conduct
惡行 evil conduct, evil actions, wrong conduct, evil deeds
族姓子 son of good family, clansmen **(if plural includes women)**
趣向 [incline] towards
惡欲 evil desire
唯願 please may, may
恭敬 respectful
著衣 [get] dressed, put on his robes
默然 [remain] silent, silently, in silence
大王 great king
不復 not again, no longer, anymore
捨離 [abandon], relinquish
不樂 unpleasant
相應 appropriate, corresponding, connected with
般涅槃 final Nirvana
持戒 [keep] the precepts
邪見 wrong view
袈裟 monk robes
第四 fourth
天上 in heaven, in a heavenly realm
不善業 unwholesome action, unwholesome deed
大目乾連 Mahā Moggallāna
身心 body and mind, physical and mental
三十三天 heaven of the Thirty-three, the Thirty-three gods
王舍城 Rājagaha
迦旃延 Kaccāyana
人間 human realm, among the people
究竟 highest, utmost, final, ultimate
善知識 good friend
甚大 extremely great, exalted
一切世間 the entire world, all worlds
宴坐 [sit] in meditation
二三 two three,
不久 not long, soon, before long
已生 already arisen
難得 difficult [attain], difficult [obtain]
受苦 suffer
疑惑 doubt
定心 concentration of the mind
極大 extremely big, great, large
五百 five hundred
因緣 causes and conditions, reason
無明 ignorance
爲我 for me
國王 king
一心 concentrated, one-pointedness of mind
此法 this thing, this phenomena, this teaching
衆中 among them, in the crowd
慧者 a wise person, wisdom, the wise
必至 certainly will go to, certainly
名色 name-and-form
白衣 lay-person, laypeople
太子 crown prince
不信 does not believe, disbelief, not have faith, lack of faith
湯藥 medicine
乞食 beg for food
大臣 senior minister
求索 implore
亦如是 likewise, like this, in the same way
邪婬 sexual misconduct
瞿曇彌 Gotamī
第五 the fifth
仙人 seer
懈怠 idle, idleness, lazy
轉輪王 wheel-turning monarch
無上 best, unsurpassable, pre-eminent,perfect
百千 a hundred thousand, hundreds of thousands
持缽 [take] up almsbowl, taking almsbowl
現法 the present, here and now, this world, this life, this lifetime, there and then
上尊 highly regarded
財主 chamberlain, treasurer
有漏 taint of existence
不著 not attached to
兩舌 divisive speech
見色 [see] forms, vision of forms
有信 [have] faith, having faith, faithful
華鬘 a wreath, garland
正思惟 right attention, right thought
不淨 impure, impurity
稱歎 [praise], [speak] in praise of
善逝 Well-gone One
夏坐 rains retreat
四方 the four directions
大拘絺羅 Mahā Koṭṭhita
親近 [associate] with, association with
轉增 increase, prosper
形色 physical appearance
功德 virtue, benefit
離欲 abandon desire, secluded from sensual pleasures **(in the Jhaana formula)**
樂住 happy abode, [dwell] happily
往來 come to, go to, going and coming, come and go, depart and return
滅盡 [cease], cessation
知見 knowledge and vision, knowing and seeing
輪寶 the wheel-treasure
滅已 ceased, extinguished
作禮 [make] obeisance, [pay] respects, [pay] homage
形壽 life
不善法 unwholesome (state)
稱譽 praise, [be] praised, esteem, [be] esteemed, [be] honored, [be] renowned
問訊 greet, inquire
是處 this situation
現世 this life, this lifetime
此處 here, this place, this situation
不住 not abide in,not remain in, not dwell in
郁伽 Ugga
七寶 seven treasures
阿羅訶 arahant, arahantship;所得 attainment
第六 the sixth
第七 the seventh
講堂 assembly hall
無慚 without shame, without conscience
無愧 without shame
守護 protect, guard
侍者 attendant
長夜 long time
恐怖 afraid, frighten, terrify
伽藍 Kālāma
放逸 negligent, neglect
妙行 good conduct, perform good deeds
薄拘羅 Bakkula
數數 repeatedly, frequently
白淨 pure, purity, spotless, Upavāna, Suddhodana, purification
燕坐 sit in meditation
充滿 full
摩訶男 Mahānāma
自在 freely, unimpeded
安樂 happiness, well-being
於意云何 what do you think
意業 mental action
眷屬 family member, relative, retainer
自知 know for oneself
思惟 attention, investigation **(vīmaṃsa)**
正定 right concentration
愛念 thoughts of craving, love, affection
不動 imperturbable
惠施 generosity, charitable giving, generous
無事比丘 forest-dwelling monk
無色 formless, immaterial
八萬 eighty thousand
得涅槃 attain Nirvana
波羅奈 Benares
非梵行 not living the holy life, not being celibate, sexual activity, impure behavior **(sutta67)**
所見 vision, visible, **(what one has)** seen
禁戒 precepts
六處 six sense-bases, six senses
作惡 [do] evil
梵摩達 Brahmadatta
色光明 **[seeing]** forms and light
此世 this world
已得 already attained, [have] attained
眞諦 supreme truth, really true
怨家 enemy
奴婢 male and female servants, male or female servants
長生 Diighāvu
漏盡 cessation of taints, destruction of taints
力士 strong man, Mallas
以何 how, whence, why
慚愧 shame and scruple, a sense of shame
過去 past
得定 attain concentration
若干 various, a few
不壞 indestructible, unwavering
威神 power, majesty, majestic
老死 old age and death
有愛 craving, love, craving for existence
魔波旬 Māra the Bad
犯戒 violate the precepts, break the precepts
床榻 bedding
綺語 frivolous talk, frivolous speech
上下 above and below, up and down
可愛 agreeable, desirable
遊行 dwell, journey, wander
拘娑羅國 Kosala
於彼 at that **(time)**, in that **(place)**
於爾時 at that time
知識 friend
衆多 numerous
如是如是 Indeed so!, thus and thus
衰退 relapse, regress, decline
柔軟 soft, gentle, malleable
非法 contrary to the Dharma, against the Dharma
阿修羅 asura
四念處 four establishments of mindfulness
修學 practice
由延 league
觀已 having contemplated
無覺 unconscious, without initial application of the mind
惡不善法 evil and unwholesome states
信施 offering **(out of faith)**
閻浮洲 Jambudīpa
不護 not guarding, not protecting, without protecting, failure to guard
無惡 no evil
麤言 harsh speech
輕慢 [disdain], [slight]
如其像 this kind of
隨順 follow, conform to, compliant
明淨 bright and pure
四維 the four intermediate directions
無餘 without remainder
殺生 kill living beings
離殺 refrain from killing, abandon killing
昇上 to ascend
端正 beautiful, handsome
入正 properly enter
奉持 bear in mind, remember
復更 again, another
三藏 Tripitaka
當復 should also, at that time again
已斷 already eradicated, having cut off
給孤獨 Anāthapiṇḍika
未來 future
種子 seeds, son of clan
刀杖 blade and cudgel
自然 spontaneously, naturally
善見 Sudassana, Sudassa **(Heaven)**
相繼 successively
無念 lack of awareness
波旬 the Bad
諸法 all phenomena, all dharmas, all teachings
增上心 higher state of mind
須陀洹 stream-enterer, stream-entry
經文 for this reason it is said
罽賓 Kashimir
鞞舍離 Vesālī
諸行 all formations
不應 not proper, need not, should not, [do] not know
身業 bodily action
尊重 revere, respect
爲有 if there is **(or if there is not)**, either **(or)**
各各 each, every
其中 in this, among
他心智 knowledge of other's minds
七覺支 seven factors of awakening
鬥諍 dissension, strife
正知 right knowledge
無所有處 sphere of nothingness
知法 know the Dharma
王城 royal capital, royal city
變易 change
諸漏 taints
己身 oneself
一方 one direction
惡業 evil action, evil deed, unwholesome deed, unwholesome action, evil karma
偏袒著衣 bare one shoulder, bare his right shoulder
五蓋 five hindrances
憂苦 sorrow and suffering
威儀 deportment, comportment
有義 with meaning
顯現 manifest, reveal
不捨 not abandoning, no equanimity, not let go
諦聽諦聽善思念之 Listen closely, listen closely and pay careful attention!
大果報 great reward
有事 have a matter **[to attend to]**
隨時 appropriate time
無病 free from ailments
男女 man and woman
慈愍 compassion
實有 truly exists, truly [have]
卽時 immediately, at once
多羅樹 palm tree
貧窮 poor, poverty
人有 human existence
或復 again, perhaps , or else
結加趺坐 [sit] cross-legged
山林 mountains and forests
展轉 in order, in sequence, step by step, gradual
住處 dwelling, abode
不愛 not craving, undesireable
謗毀 slander, misrepresent
受苦樂 experience pain and pleasure
不淨行 impure activity
大威德 great might, great and mighty virtue
得解脫 attain liberation
能捨 able **(to remain)** equanimous, able to let go
識住 sphere of **[infinite]** consciousness
不如 not like, not equal to
煩惱 afflictions
八十 eighty
不染 not defiled, undefiled
啼哭 weep, sorrow
知足 contentment
凡夫 worldling
聖法 noble Dharma
見佛 [see] the Buddha, visit the Buddha, have a vision of the Buddha
知已 already know, knowingly
阿那含 Non-returner
不然 not like that
可樂 agreeable, delightful, likable
出入 enter and emerge
淨行 pure conduct
善來 welcome
惡慧 faulty wisdom
聖衆 noble community
在內 be inside
優多羅 Uttara
彼彼 this and that
尼師檀 sitting mat
沐浴 bath
甚深 profound, very deep
當來 future
有時 [be] a time, sometimes, at times
無上士 unsurpassable **(man)**
無上士道法御 unsurpassable leader of persons to be tamed
天人師 teacher of gods and human beings
調御 tame, discipline
朋友 friend
於現法中 in this lifetime, in this very life, in that lifetime
內身 internal, inward
夫人 wife, wives
閻王 Yama
不了 not comprehending, not accomplished
受生 [be] born
無我 not self, no-self
明行成 accomplished in knowledge and conduct
況復 nevertheless, much more, not to mention, let alone, much less
不正思惟 wrong thought, lack of right attention
未生 unarisen
無煩 without vexation, freedom from vexation
竹林 Bamboo Grove
眞實 truth, real
生天 reborn in a heavenly realm, rebirth in heaven, reborn in heaven
自有 one's own, oneself
烏陀夷 Udāyi
大衆 great assembly
欲有 the realm of sensual desire
音聲 sound, noise, voice
明智 intelligent and wise
一行 single path
大地獄 Great Hell
歡喜奉行 [be] delighted and practice accordingly
我聞如是 Thus have I heard.
晡時 late afternoon
功德具足 possessed with virtues
恚惱 anger and ill will, ill will
旃陀羅子 low-life
修習禁戒 observes the training in the precepts
修行禁戒 observes the precepts
守護從解脫 guards [against breaking] the code of rules
復善攝威儀禮節 skillfully controls his comportment in accordance with proper conduct
佛說如是 This is what the Buddha said.
必有此處 it is certainly possible
稽首作禮 [pay] homage
如是智 knowledge of things as they are
易不難得 at ease without difficulty, easily without difficulty
生已盡 birth is ended
梵行已立 the holy life has been established
所作已辦 what was to be done has been done
不更受有 there will not be another existence
諸梵行 companions in the holy life
樂覺 pleasant feeling, happiness and awakening
苦覺 unpleasant feeling
不苦不樂覺 neither-unpleasant-nor-pleasant feeling
法界 experiential realm
遊行人間 to journey among the people
成就遊 dwell having attained
甘露 the deathless, ambrosia
優婆離 Upāli
陀然 Dhānañjāni
無結 without fetter
極廣 boundless, very wide
繞三匝 circumambulate three times
我聞 I [hear], hearing
舍梨子 Sāriputta
住善相應捨 equanimity supported by the wholesome
無欲 dispassion
頭痛 headache
內六處 six internal sense-bases
六界 six elements
外處 external sense objects
不可樂 unpleasant
不可愛 disagreeable, undesired
五盛陰 five aggregates
正方便 right effort
不悔 without regret, free from regret, [have] no regret
威儀法 rules of proper conduct
學法 precepts of a learner
戒身 aggregate of virtue
定身 aggregate of concentration
慧身 aggregate of wisdom
解脫身 aggregate of liberation
五葢 five hindrances
更樂 contact
我慢 the conceit I am
無常想 perception of impermanence
善觀 considerate
必有是處 possible
必無是處 impossible
大河 large river
大川 large stream
平澤 marshes of the plain
明解脫 wisdom and liberation
慧解脫 liberation through wisdom
心解脫 liberation of the mind
善人 good people
惡人 bad people
拘樓瘦 Kuru
翫誦 recite
觀法義 reflecting on the meaning of the Dharma
摩竭陀國 Magadha
彌醯 Meghiya
觀興衰法 concerning the rise and fall of phenomena
聖慧明達 noble penetrative knowledge
以正盡苦 concerning the true cessation of suffering
迦葉佛 Kassapa Buddha
兜瑟哆天 Tusita
天子 young deva **(devaputta)**, god **(devataa)**
青蓮華 blue lotus blossoms
赤蓮華 scarlet lotus blossoms
栴檀 sandalwood
閻浮樹 rose-apple tree
獼猴 monkey
神室 shrine
阿浮 Ātumā
羅摩園 Rāma garden
跋耆 Vajjīs
娑羅樹 sal tree
婆求河 Vaggumudā River
尼連然河 Nerañjarā river
鬱鞞羅 Uruvela
拘隣若 Koṇḍañña
阿攝貝 ;Assaji
跋提釋迦王 Bhaddhiya the [former] king of the Sākyas
跋提 Bhaddhiya
摩訶男拘隷 Mahānāma the Koḷiyan
惒破 Vappa
耶舍 Yasa
邠耨 ;Puṇṇa
維摩羅 ;Vimala
伽惒波提 Gavāṃpati
須陀耶 Sudāyi
阿那律陀 Anuruddha
金毘羅 Kimbila
隷婆哆 Revata
大周那 Mahā Cunda
耶舍行籌長老 elder Yasa the issuer of tokens
難提 Nanda
拘尸那竭 Kusināra
供養禮事 [pay] respect, [pay] homage
訶梨勒 myrobalan
婆羅邏 Pahārāda
珊瑚 coral
瑇瑁 tortoiseshell
乾塔惒 gandhabba
婆留泥 vāruṇī serpents
帝麑 timi
羅剎 rakkhasa
恒伽 Gaṅgā
搖尤那 Yamunā
舍牢浮 Sarabhū
阿夷羅婆提 Acīravatī
摩企 Mahī
從解脫 code of rules **(Pātimokkha)**
恒伽池 Gaggarā Lake
五力 five powers
四如意足 four bases of supernormal powers
四正勤 four right efforts
受持五戒 keep the five precepts
五戒 five precepts
共相問訊 exchange greetings
五下分結 five lower fetters [of the desire realms]
戒取 following [wrong and non-Buddhist] precepts
著袈裟衣 don monk robes
阿邏鞞 Āḷavī
手長者 householder Hatthaka
法堂 Sudhamma Hall
除恚 rid of resentment
外門 outer gate
難提波羅 Nandipāla
優多羅 Uttara
頰鞞王 King Kiki
迦私國 Kāsī country
禿頭 bald-headed
不作群黨 does not belong to any faction
眾所不喜 **(that)**people **(neither)** enjoy **(nor desire)**
寡婦 widow
生稻 uncooked rice
像寶 silver **(unclear)**
生色 gold
鬱單曰 Uttarakuru
不善處 unhappy state of existence, unhappy realm of existence
見其如真 see this as it really is
鐵杵 iron pestle
鐵臼 iron mortar
銅釜 copper cauldron
鐵釜 iron cauldron
天使 divine messenger
鐵鍱 iron leaf
灰河 Caustic River
地獄卒 wardens of hell
鐵鍱林 Iron-leaved Forest
汝從何來為欲何去 where are you coming from and where do you want to go
烏鳥 raven
四種軍 fourfold army
樂住遠離 abide happily in detachment
常當遠離 be always detached
不能捨離 unable to relinquish
仙人住處 Place of Seers
人壽 human lifespan, lifespan
七寶 seven treasures
居士寶 steward-treasure
輪寶 wheel-treasure
主兵臣寶 counselor-treasure
**(King)** Saṅkha, conch
自作證成就遊 dwell having personally realized
知如真 understand as it really is
阿夷哆 Ajita
床褥 mattress
氍氀 woolen blankets
綩綖 shawls
散華 scattered flowers
彌勒 Metteyya
辟支佛 Paccekabuddha
樵薪 firewood
資財無量 limitless wealth
真人 true man
正覺 fully awakened
眾祐 Fortunate One
一兩鹽 ounce of salt
恒水 Ganges
奪取 take away **(what is not given)**
[steal], furtively
諸尼乾 Nigaṇṭhas
八支聖道 eightfold noble path
無慚無愧 without conscience or shame
不羞不悔 without embarrassment or regret
婦父母 parents-in-law
無義說 meaningless talk
無結無怨 free from fetters or resentment
無恚無諍 without ill-will or quarrel
離恚離諍 abandon ill-will and quarrel
斷疑 cut off doubt
多聞聖弟子 learned noble disciple
惡知識 bad friends
尸攝惒 rosewood **(siṃsapā)**
諸生活具 lifestyle
貪伺 covetousness
遍滿一切世間成就遊 dwell pervading the entire world **([with a mind] boundless, exalted, immeasurable and well-cultiva
是處不然 is not possible, is not the case
佛遊鞞舍離 the Buddha was staying at Vesālī
高樓臺觀 the Gabled Hall
獼猴水 Monkey Lake
生老病死 birth old age sickness and death
斷滅 annihilation
唯無上梵行訖 attained fully the summit of the holy life
剃除鬚髮 shave off hair and beard
族性子所為 for the sake of which a son of a good family
自知自覺 personally attain understanding and awakening
塚間 cemetery
或至林中或在塚間 or he goes into a forest or to a cemetery
獨住遠離 dwell alone in seclusion
山巖石室 a mountain top a cave
無穢無煩 without blemish free of troubles
柔軟善住 malleable well established
得不動心 attain imperturbability
趣向漏盡智通作證 direct the mind to the realization of the higher knowledge of the destruction of the taints
掉悔 restlessness and worry
調悔 restlessness and worry
彼於貪伺淨除其心 purify mind of covetousness
樂住室 happy abode
樂住空 happy abode **(mistake for sukha-vihaara)**
拘麗瘦 the Koliyans
北村 village of Uttara
波羅牢 Pāṭaliya
知幻 know magic
剃刀 razor
無善惡業報 results of wholesome and unwholesome actions
往至善處 headed for a supreme attainment
邪淫 sexual misconduct
鞞陀提國 Mithilā
西方 the west
北方 the north
孤獨 without kin
遠來乞者 beggars from far away
衣被 clothes and bedding
帝釋 Sakka
善法講堂 Sudhamma Hall
和跋單 Upavattana
瞻蔔華 campaka
修摩那華 jasmine
摩頭揵提華 honey tree
餚饌 delicate food
離生喜樂 with rapture and pleasure born of seclusion
有覺有觀 initial and sustained application of mind
初禪 first absorption
女寶 woman-treasure
虛僞 hypocrisy
諛諂 flattery
大善見 Mahāsudassana
啼哭憂慼 sorrow and distress
天冠 crown
五儀式 five insignia
戒德 virtue
床座 bed **(and)** seat
阿提牟哆 pearl bush
堅念 Daḷhanemi
天上之欲 divine pleasures
王仙 royal sage
太子 crown prince
非梵行人 people of impure behavior
相繼法 transmitted dharma
色如火 flame-like in color
貧困 poor, poverty
貪嫉 avarice and envy
極大豐樂 extremely rich and pleasant
封戶 feudatories
斯惒提 Setavyā
蜱肆 Pāyāsi
鳩摩羅迦葉 Kumāra-Kassapa
必昇 certainly ascend
往來善處及不善處 as they depart and return to happy or unhappy realms of existence
報曰 reply
不善曉解 poor in understanding
無有智慧 lacking wisdom
商人主 merchant leader
戲者 player
如其像 such a **(tathārūpa)**
無煩無熱 free from vexation and affliction
虛空 sky, in the air;