Introduction to GIS and Aerial Imaging in Fieldwork, July 17-25 2019

In 2019, the FROGBEAR cluster "Religion and Technology", supported by the Chung-hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies, will be hosted at Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (DILA), Jinshan, Taiwan. We offer a hands-on workshop in GIS and Aerial Imaging for the study of religion. We will build on previous work in the religious landscape of north-east Taiwan to show how GIS data, satellite images, and self-produced aerial photography can be used when researching religious sites.

To the right are the slides (in .odp format) and other material for the workshop.

Software you need to download and install before the course (all free & cross-platform):

Useful, but not required software:


Optional Readings (all on lib gen):

Marcus Bingenheimer, June 2019.

Morning Afternoon Evening
Wed 07/17 Arrival
Thu 07/18 Marcus: Introduction Oliver: Flying drones indoors Metadata meeting
Fri 07/19 Marcus: Google Earth in the classroom Oliver: Flying drones indoors Free
Sat 07/20 Marcus: Intro to QGIS Fieldwork in the rain Free
Sun 07/21 No Program
Mon 07/22 Video editing with open source tools _ _
Tue 07/23 Video editing with open source tools _ Video editing
Wed 07/24 Team Presentations Free

Slides & Material Marcus:

Slides & Material Oliver:

Slides & Material Simon: