Digital Edition of Samuel Beal's Translation of the Datang xiyu ji 大唐西域記

Xuanzang 玄奘 (600-664) (Author)

Samuel Beal (1825-1899) (Translation and Annotation)

Marcus Bingenheimer (Digital Edition)

Digital version available since: 2002

This version correctly cited as:
Samuel Beal: "Si-yu-ki. Buddhist Records of the Western World - Translated from the Chinese of Hiuen Tsang (AD 629)." Digital Edition by Marcus Bingenheimer (Version 2.0)

This project was jointly sponsored by National Taiwan University and the Chung-hwa Institute for Buddhist Studies. It took us alomost a year to digitize Samuel Beal's translation of the Datang xiyu ji 大唐西域記 (T.2087). Because of its length and the many OCR-unfriendly diacritics the work was perhaps not the best choice to start with. Nevertheless, by now most problems with the data are solved and I can offer a no-frills HTML file. If you are interested in the TEI (P4) source please contact me directly.

Follow this link to download the zipped HTML file of Beal's Xiyuji.

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